Using 4D simulation to support decision making

ForCity has developed an essential tool for strategic planning and operational optimization for both public and corporate decision makers in land use, utility, energy and real estate.

We combine unique technology with our industry insight to help public sector and corporate decision makers optimize their development strategies. We see each community as a unique ecosystem: projects, infrastructure, demographics and behaviour patterns are just some of the dynamics at play. These changes affects a territory, which in turn affects how public authorities should plan and how business should be conducted. Our cutting edge system helps CAPEX reliant businesses run long-term, complex scenarios to support their decision making.



Co-Founders François GROSSE (CEO)
and Thomas LAGIER (COO)

A digital replica for perspective planning

Our platform consists in a web-based 3D visualisation engine fuelled by complex systems modeling capable of computing the impact of affecting factors. Through these models we provide our clients with long term prediction capabilities, in other words the 4th dimension of our solution.

ForCity offers a suite of sector-specific applications which allow users to play out infinite amounts of scenarios over a 20 to 30 year time frame. Our applications provide unparalleled insight into potential development and strategic support for smart, collaborative and sustainable planning.

A wider range of action and simplified decision making

Thanks to our modelling capabilities we include parameters which are external yet still critical to your activity.

By applying this systemic approach to simulation over time we go beyond typical projection methods in order to deliver much more finer tuned scenarios. This allows our users to detect both strong and weak signals early in the decision making process.

Each ForCity application allows the platform user to run simulations in real time, anywhere, by accessing a non-technical, user-friendly interface. Thanks to its 2D-3D visualization engine and ease of use, the platform enables our users to facilitate communication, greatly reducing risk and unknowns, be it for master planning or committing to an investment.


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8 international mandates


Employees, 15% with PhDs