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ForCity Solutions Smart City

ForCity uses 4D simulation to support decision making

If you manage a business unit which impacts a city over time, chances are you are constantly confronted with the unexpected, the unpredictable.

Cities experience variations in demographics, land use, urban development. Cross the street, and you're faced with a new set of dynamics. Behaviour patterns, new projects, competition,  the domino effect of interactions are exponentially increasing the pace at which our environments are changing.

Decision makers can feel blindsided when it comes to looking into the future. Long term vision and planning is critical to your business, but current practices or technology don't allow you to master that complexity and its constant evolution.


ForCity software
Co-Founders François GROSSE (CEO)
and Thomas LAGIER (COO)

Sector specific applications based on a powerful platform

Our platform consists of a web-based 4D visualisation engine fuelled by powerful prospective models. These models are capable of simulating long term outcomes for complex projects which typically require heavy investments, such as heating districts or water networks. Through these models we provide our clients with long term prediction capabilities, in other words the 4th dimension of our solution.

ForCity offers a SaaS suite of sector-specific applications which allow users to play out infinite amounts of scenarios over a 20 to 30 year time frame. Our applications provide unparalleled insight into potential development and strategic support for smart, collaborative and sustainable planning.


Widen your range of action and simplify decision making

Add external yet critical factors to your model

Each ForCity application allows the platform user to run simulations in real time, anywhere, by accessing a non-technical, user-friendly interface. Thanks to its 2D-3D visualization engine and ease of use, the platform enables our users to facilitate communication, greatly reducing risk and unknowns, be it for master planning or committing to an investment.

ForCity just raised 8M€ for its first round

What's in store for the future ?