GeoWorking Decision Software

GeoWorking Decision

Door-to-door commute analysis for Real Estate & HR Managers

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A mobility simulation software
for companies and corporate real estate

Generate in-depth accessibility reports for one or several office locations

Simulate the impact of changing office locations or relocating an entire department

Anticipate the individual impact for each employee of any change in commute (time, distance, carbon emissions)

Share objective results to help facilitate change and secure stakeholder acceptance

Run your own commute analysis and see the impact for each employee or department within your business.

GeoWorking Decision allows HR and Real Estate managers to simulate an office move or a new HR policy and assess the impact down to the level of each employee. Simply upload basic employee information and run simulations straight away - discover and master all functionalities in under 2 hours.

GeoWorking Decision Software


Simulate the impact of a large scale reorganisation implicating several sites and hundreds of employees in under 10 minutes.

GeoWorking Decision Software

Powerful simulations

Moving offices, relocating departments, organising flextime programs... Explore each possibility thanks to endless simulation capabilities.

GeoWorking Decision Software

Precise results

Commute analysis at the level of a building, a service or an employee thanks to advance filtering

GeoWorking Decision Software

Project repository

Use the same software for all your projects, nationally and in Europe.

Commute analysis for

Provide your clients with the power and convenience of digital experience 

Anticipate your real estate strategy's impact on HR 

Strengthen your HR brand and staff engagement


Enhance your customer experience
with a digital service


  • Run a commute analysis for any requested location using your client's database 
  • Strategic or long term plans, reorganisations, office relocation... Easily process complex projects
  • Uncover a location's true potential and support internal services (HR, employee representatives) throughout the entire process

For a strong HR brand and higher employee engagement

  • Use commute analysis to deploy and measure the impact of your HR policies 
  • Measure each employee’s commute time, distance and GHG footprint
  • Provide simple visuals and objective results to support stakeholder acceptance and cooperation

Use commute analysis to see how and who can save time

GeoWorking Decision Software

Looking for new headquarters?
Relocating your teams across locations?
Implementing a flextime or remote work program?

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