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GeoWorking Decision: leverage your real estate & HR strategies

GeoWorking Decision

A 4D simulation tool to optimize your real estate strategy and HR policies

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GeoWorking Decision

GeoWorking Decision’s platform fully integrates the city’s infrastructure and services, providing unparalleled context for running your own scenarios.
GeoWorking Decision facilitates strategic decision-making and project management. Corporate Real Estate and HR managers can now assess potential locations, facilitate HR policy deployments, and even inform strategies through both internal insight and external impacting factors. GeoWorking Decision is a cloud based SaaS application, with a user-friendly access to ForCity’s technology and city model, allowing its users to leverage their own data through the application. HR policies, real estate portfolio, reorganization plans can now be simulated ahead of commitments to measure anticipated benefits and risks. GeoWorking Decision's ability to display real time results through a user friendly dashboard provides an unparalleled and powerful lenses through which you can truly leverage your own data.

GeoWorking Decision is the only application which can offer total autonomy to end users looking to simulate and visualize results in real time.


  • Fill in your own HR data and operational constraints
  • Determine your own eligibility criteria, build your own scenarios
  • Anticipate a potential project's impact, even  in its very early stages 
  • Powerful decision making support thanks to custom data visualization
  • Facilitate stakeholder consultation and engagement

A 360 degree view of a potential location, including projected public transport.

Placing HR at the heart of your real estate strategy

Fair and efficient engagement policies around teleworking and coworking.

Assess everyone’s needs and build a cost-effective, sustainable mobility plan


Analyze the current and future city context for any location

When relocating, new location and employee buy-in are both critical factors for a successful change . ForCity’s platform integrates city datasets into a comprehensive 3D model, which includes infrastructure, services, businesses and geodemographics. This provides GeoWorking Decision with a decision making environment capable of modeling both the city as we see it today and how it will be  over the next following  years.

GeoWorking Decision allows you to

GeoWorking Decision: leverage your real estate & HR strategies
  • Identify available services or transport within walking distance of any selected location
  • Measure accessibility to local transport options (motorway, train stations, airports..) or key sites such as a  customer’s or supplier’s  offices.
  • Conduct location-based analysis to assess the surrounding labour pool (age, income, occupation) or forecast its economic viability


Placing HR at the heart of your real estate strategy

Relocating employees is both a major challenge for the performance of the company and a sensitive HR project.

While employee and performance related data sets may grow, decision-makers are usually faced with a fragmented view. Part of the decision making can depend on what feels like guesswork

Accessibility (urban mobility) is usually at the heart of the issue. Time spent commuting and overall quality of life have become key factors for employee engagement and retention, but hold challenges of their own.

  • How to manage your real estate portfolio when facing increasingly fluctuating needs for office space ?
  • How to measure and improve a door-to-door commute time and footprint ?
  • How to share an objective and realistic vision for each considered option,  both at the individual and overall level ?
  • How to simplify and accelerate the decision making process for such decisive projects?
Analyze the HR performance of each real estate opportunity:
Before committing to major investments

By taking into account the evolution of the city’s transportation infrastructure (2 years, 5 years ...)

GeoWorking Decision

GeoWorking Decision: leverage your real estate & HR strategies
  • Provides insight for a new real estate project to anticipate HR impacts right from the start
  • Lets you building scenarios and processes them in real time, with both analytical reports and a complementing map view for each option
  • Compares current and optimized commute options for each employee, with options to favour low-impact transportation modes (PV : private vehicle, PT : public transport, P + R, soft modes)
  • Assesses transition costs and additional resources (such as parking) needed for each option considered, be it for the company as a whole or at employee level
  • Provides fact-based reasonings, making it easier to communicate and decide
  • Delivers simple visuals and objective results to support stakeholder acceptance and cooperation


Plan your engagement policies, improve everyone’s working conditions

Teleworking or remote working and other work-life balance initiatives are disrupting organizations, and are particularly important for attracting or retaining the best talents for your organization. While work / life balance has become a decisive factor for many employees and especially for millennials, it presents HR managers with both potential benefits and risks :

  • How can you allow more flexibility in the organization to ensure its transformation, while anticipating the impact of the policies you deploy?
  • Which factors should be chosen and prioritized to conduct change progressively and efficiently?
  • How can you demonstrate the fairness and reasoning of your choices to facilitate acceptance and deployment ?



of employers who implemented part-time teleworking noticed a significant improvement in productivity.

GeoWorking Decision

GeoWorking Decision: leverage your real estate & HR strategies
  • Visualize potential gains and benefits, for your own locations or for third parties such as co-working spaces
  • Identify departments, functions and people affected by your strategies
  • Anticipate and quantify the risks and benefits for each measure


Explore and measure transport alternatives

Do your staff travel benefits match the reality of their commute ?

Initiatives like remote work schemes and salary sacrifice arrangements can contribute to staff engagement and retention but they also impact resources, notably your real estate. Such initiative can be mutually beneficial, employers need to anticipate and measure their impact, ideally ahead of implementing them.

GeoWorking Decision


  • Measures each employee’s commute time, cost and GHG footprint
  • Evaluates both existing and future or alternative transport options
  • Evaluates the potential gains for your next HR policy  
  • Facilitates consultation with transport organizing authorities to improve the service of your sites
  • Makes it easier to plan and monitor for complex staff travel policies 
GeoWorking Decision: leverage your real estate & HR strategies
David Weber

Head of International Accounts


Explore all your options 

Have any questions about GeoWorking Decision? Contact us for a presentation or more information on current and upcoming features.

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