ForCity Custom Lab

Responding to strategic needs through tailor-made solutions

Are you making high-risk decisions in business environments facing unknowns or complex variables? Do your decisions have lasting visible or systemic impacts, sometimes with indirect yet important consequences? ForCity’s Custom Lab is where your challenges intersect with our technology’s capabilities, where we collaborate to envision an end-user empowered by an exceptional decision making support system. The Custom Lab allows ForCity to ground its R&D activity at the heart of a partners’ needs, ensuring that our platform’s business-driven focus remains front and center.

For us, developing truly disruptive technology rests on building strong collaborations, allowing the human component to drive innovation, not the opposite.

You need scenarios, not projections.

Your business takes place in a complex environment, with variables both within and beyond your reach, and the decisions you make have multiple, sometimes indirect effects which are hard to capture.

You know that average figures and overall trends are no longer sufficient for planning, especially in the long term. Today’s access and breadth of data allow us to break down the analysis of an entire region or city down to building level, making average figures even more irrelevant come planning time. There’s so much more data out there, but how effective when it comes to predicting what you need to anticipate?

You’ve probably looked back on previous quarters and years to project what’s coming next. But how can you capture tomorrow’s environment when the critical unknowns you should be looking out for simply don’t show up on your radar?

What if we could model that environment,
allowing you to open new doors for your business intelligence?



Technology as disrupting as our platform opens its users to unexpected possibilities:  we bring you a sandbox where decision makers and managers can leverage your data without having to manipulate it.

Our R&D activities provide unparalleled leeway for players who know that the digital era is transforming their business and need a head start in the game.